Back in Texas!

We are back in San Benito TX, so good to be back, sort of like coming home! We had a good workamping summer at the Amarillo KOA. When we were through there, we went to MI, and enjoyed seeing our families and friends. Thank you all who were able to spend time with us. We know you all have busy lives and since it was an impromptu visit, we sure appreciated seeing you. Sorry to those whom we couldn't make a connection with this time. We look forward to seeing you when we return next summer. Unless you can come visit us this winter where it's warm!

We enjoyed our trip back. We spent some time in Fredericksburg TX (aka the Hill country). We enjoyed the historic downtown area, lots of quaint little shops. We went to Lukenbach TX, had a burger and listened to a jam session. I have some pictures posted on the blog.

It was nice to have a whole month to relax and enjoy. Now we have to get to work painting the mobile home. Luckily it's inside painting! We have two months to get things done and settle in before we start our workamping job here and teaching dance.

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