4 Days Later!

We finally arrived in Harlingen, TX, 4 days, 1600 miles and about 150 gals of fuel later. We had a good, safe trip, one all day rain. The weather got warmer the farther south we went and by the time we arrived, it was over 104. It cooled off the next day and has been in the mid 80s for the most part. We went to work the day after we got here. There are a lot of activities going on in this park all the time. It's a big park with over 600 sites. The "winter Texans" have started arriving, and we are anxious to see it when they all get here.

Leaving Butler, OH

We'll be leaving Butler, OH on Monday, October 12th. We're heading to Harlingen, TX for six months. We'll be working part time office/maintenance and teaching 2-Step, Waltz and partner dances. We are looking forward to teaching dance again. If any of you are in the area, stop in!

Millersburg, OH

The hitching post at the WalMart in Millersburg, OH

Butler, OH

We are at the Butler/Mohican KOA. We are managing this KOA. We came here
June 12th, can't believe it's been a month already. We've been very busy here! It's a pretty area, hilly, near the Amish. We haven't even had a chance to eat at one of the Amish restaurants. We're hoping to go to an Amish flea market next week. We'll be here until October.

Arrived in Petoskey

We spent a week parked in my son's yard. It was nice to spend time with my granddaughter and our families. We arrived in Petoskey on Saturday, May 2nd. It's great to be back. The park opens tomorrow. It'll be good to get back to work.

Leaving Fayetteville KOA

It's been 6 months since we arrived here. It doesn't seem like it shoiuld be time to leave, but it is. We're goiung to Fredericksburg, VA in the morning. We haven't decided how long we'll stay there, but there's lots of history/things to do. We'll be heading back to MI when we leave there. More updates later!

Pottery, Seagrove, NC

NC pottery is made in Seagrove, NC. Many shops line the streets and some artists' shops are in their yard. The soil in that area is red clay. The little buildings are lined up along the side of the road, next to a restaurant.

Fayetteville KOA Winter Wonderland

It snowed on Tuesday, January 20, 2009, 4 inches. All the schools were closed, even Fort Bragg was closed! The kids were out of school and had a great time building snowmen, sledding, and making snow angels. The last time they had snow here was four years ago.

Way to start the New Year!

We went to a Rhonda Vincent and the Rage bluegrass concert last night (1/02/09) at the Rudy Theatre in Selma, NC. Martha White is her sponsor, the last picture is the logo on her bus. The theatre is small, like the old movie theatres were, we sat in the 7th row, great seats. If you like bluegrass music, be sure to go see her.


We went to Savannah in December, it was sunny and 74. We took the trolley tour through the city, saw some beautiful Savannah homes, alot of history. The smallest home (800 sq ft) in the city, sold for $250 K in 2007. We also walked the downtown Savannah area and shops in the square. Savannah has a river front district that we did not have time to see, so we hope to go back one day.

We had the lunch buffet at Lady & Sons (Paula Deen's) restaurant. As we were seated a waiter brought us Paula's famous hoe cakes, which are a small plate sized cornbread/pancake, and cheesie biscuits. That was the beginning of a delicious meal, southern style. The best fried chicken, mac and cheese, and greens. A true southern feast! After lunch we went to the gift shop. I purchased Paula's book, a story of her life, which is a very interesting read.