We are finished working/painting the mobile home, as much as we're going to do now anyway. We start workamping November 1st so we have a little time to relax before that. We will start dance classes the first of December. You can check out our dance website if you want at www.bjdance.net

We're looking forward to a great winter season here! The Valley Morning Sun, our local paper, says we should have a warm, dry winter. Warm is good but we still need some rain. Most of TX is still under drought conditions.

Back in Texas!

We are back in San Benito TX, so good to be back, sort of like coming home! We had a good workamping summer at the Amarillo KOA. When we were through there, we went to MI, and enjoyed seeing our families and friends. Thank you all who were able to spend time with us. We know you all have busy lives and since it was an impromptu visit, we sure appreciated seeing you. Sorry to those whom we couldn't make a connection with this time. We look forward to seeing you when we return next summer. Unless you can come visit us this winter where it's warm!

We enjoyed our trip back. We spent some time in Fredericksburg TX (aka the Hill country). We enjoyed the historic downtown area, lots of quaint little shops. We went to Lukenbach TX, had a burger and listened to a jam session. I have some pictures posted on the blog.

It was nice to have a whole month to relax and enjoy. Now we have to get to work painting the mobile home. Luckily it's inside painting! We have two months to get things done and settle in before we start our workamping job here and teaching dance.

Luckenbach TX

Luckenbach,TX "Where Everybody is Somebody"

Route 66 Rest Stop

AQHA and Museum in Amarillo TX

Bronze Sculptures at the AQHA and Museum in Amarillo TX

Back in "HOT" Texas!

We are in Austin tonight. Going to Fredericksburg, TX tomorrow, San Benito early next week. Will be good to stay put and not be moving for a while. 109 tomorrow!

In Michigan!

It took us 3 days to get out of the hot weather but we're in MI now! The weather is beautiful, 80s a little breeze now and then, can have the windows open. It's nice to see green grass and beautiful trees!

On The Road Again!

Our workamper job will be finished here in Amarillo on Saturday. We are heading to Michigan for a visit starting Sunday. It will be a hot drive, hope the A/C works because we will have triple digits all through OK and maybe farther than that. We're looking forward to relaxing and seeing our family and friends.

Canyon Pictures

Jerry taking pictures, an old windmill and a flood gauge which they didn't use much this year since the area has had 1 1/2 inches since February.

Longhorns at the Canyon

Palo Duron Canyon, TX

Palo Duron Canyon is the 2nd largest to the Grand Canyon. The beauty is beyond words!

110 on the Trail Palo Duro Canyon, Warning Sign

The Warning Sign says "Do Not Run or Jog on Trail over 90 Degrees, it could cause heat stroke". The thermometer reads 110!

Camping area, Palo Duro Canyon, TX

Camping area in Palo Duro Canyon, TX

Big Texan Restaurant

You know they say everything is bigger in Texas! Well we went to the "Big Texan" restaurant for dinner with some of our workamper friends. The restaurant's limo picked us up and brought us back to the campground. This restaurant offers a 72 oz steak, if you can eat it all including the sides, dinner rolls and drinks, it's free! If you can't eat it all, the cost is $75. It's amazing that some people have done it. The night we were there, somebody tried, but couldn't do it.

Triple Digits!!!

Triple Digits is the forcast for the week. It has been so hot that even the dog does not want to go out. Our camper guests tell us that they stop so their pet can go out and they refuse to go out. There is no grass here, no rain in months, no relief in site. It is 99 degrees and it is 8:30 p.m. It will be in the 70s tonight and tomorrow morning. 60+ days left and counting.

Amarillo Record Highs!

The high today was 106, beats the record high of 103 in 1953. We had the day off, after doing some errands this morning, we just hid in the RV. We were so thankful that we didn't have to work today. It has been very hot here ever since we arrived the end of April, many days over 100, higher than normal winds, blowing dust all over, not very pleasant. Extreme fire danger because they have not had rain here since February and it was very little. We checked the normals before we took this job and they looked bearable but this has been miserable. In lieu of the weather we have managed to have some good times too!

We went to see the show "Texas" at the ampitheater in Palo Duro Canyon. The show was spectacular! The entertainers are mostly college students, the costumes were beautiful and we went with some workamper friends and that made it even better. The canyon is very pretty also. We will go back if the weather cools down some.

We also went to the Coors rodeo. $10 gets you in and that included a barbecue, and free Coors beer. The competition was working ranches from the area. We saw the herding event; Four horsemen had to pick out three numbered cattle from the herd, herd them down to the opposite end of the arena, load them in a stock trailer, then load two of the horses, all four horsemen had to get in the pickup and blow the horn. This was a timed event. Some of the other events were bronc riding, cattle roping and the little kids riding the sheepgoats (I think that's the correct name but not sure). Then after the rodeo there was a dance in the parking lot. We had worked that day so we did not feel like dancing. We are not used to working 8 hrs a day!

Interesting Travel Day!

We left Abilene this morning and had a very interesting trip, arriving in Amarillo, TX our destination. When we keft this morning we bucked 30 MPH winds, on the 6:00 p.m. news they said the winds here were 47 mph, and I do believe them! We drove through Sweetwater, TX and saw many wind farms, and agriculture. Cattle and horse ranches all along the way. Most of the fields have not been planted yet so there was a lot of red dirt blowing every which way. Farther down highway 84, we thought we smelled smoke, soon we saw a sign that said "Incident". We soon found out what that meant. There had been fires, some were out but we could see smoke in places, and some of the fires were still going. The evening news said highway 84 was now open but had been closed due to fires. Lucky for us, we were not held up and arrived at our destination safe and sound!!!


We left San Benito this morning. We are staying at the Abilene, TX KOA for the night. Good trip today!


We arrived safe and sound in San Benito Sunday evening. Managed to miss the storms that were going across the U.S. We will be leaving here on Thursday morning, going to workamp at the Amarillo KOA. This will only be a two day trip, hooray!


Arrived in Midland on Sunday, 83 and sunny. By Tuesday it started to turn cold and windy, with clouds and rain in the forecast for the next 4/5 days, no sun! I froze while we were there. It was so nice to spend time with Madison and our families. We were planning to leave early Monday but after the 6:00 PM news with possible 2" of snow predicted, we decided to leave Sunday night. Drove for 3 hours to Auburn, IN. Left there on Monday a.m., 2 hrs of rain but warm 72. We stayed in Salem, IL for the night but we're still here on Tuesday afternoon. We discovered a leak in the fuel tank. Luckily there is a Dodge dealer here, they had to order a fuel tank, should be here tomorrow. We hope to leave here tomorrow (Wednesday). This is a small town and not much to see or do. Good we are not on a tight schedule, have about a week to spare before we leave San Benito for the Amarillo KOA for the summer.

Day 2!

We have just finished our 2nd day of the trip to Michigan, with over 1100 miles done. We'll arrive at Madison's (Betty's granddaughter) tomorrow, after 8 more hours of driving. So excited!

Leaving for Michigan!

We are leaving for Michigan on Friday. If all goes well, we should be there on Sunday. We're looking forward to visiting with family and friends.

Beautiful Weather in the valley!

All of the banana trees had to be cut down in our park because of the cold weather but I understand that they grow quickly. Today it was a gorgeous day to be outside! We went to the outside flea market with our friends who are visiting the valley. The prediction is for 7 days of sunshine and 70s, and that's why we come to the Rio Grande Valley!

Winter Weather in the Rio Grande Valley

Winter weather has reached the Rio Grande Valley. The high today was 28 and freezing rain. The major highways were closed in our county by late morning and are still closed. We are hoping we will not loose power but if we do, we have a generator so we'll be okay. The weather report for tomorrow is a high of 42 and 70 by Sunday.