More Christmas Lights in Hidalgo, TX

Christmas Lights in Hidalgo, TX

We went to see the Christmas lights in Hidalgo, TX on Thursday 12/16/2010, the temperature was 83 during the day and about 73 at night, just beautiful lights and weather, no snow!

Sand Castle Days on South Padre Island

Jerry Houghton meets Jerry Houghton?!?!

We are in the same park, both from Michigan. They met when a package was delivered to the wrong Jerry Houghton.

Bloomin' Bluegrass Festival

This was the first Bloomin' Bluegrass Festival in Farmers Branch, TX. The city put this on at no charge to the attendees. It was one of the best bluegrass festivals we have been to.

Bloomin' Bluegrass

Gruene Hall

Gruene Hall is Texas' Oldest Dance Hall. The town has avoided change through the years and is very charming. This hall appears to have the original flooring, tables, etc. All of the tables are engraaved! If these walls could talk!

World Series

We have been watchng the world series games. Go Texas Rangers! They're leading 4-1 in the 7th. George W. and Laura are in the stands.

In the Rio Grande Valley

We arrived in Harlingen last Thursday. It was nice to be able to take our time getting here. We will move from this park to our destination park which is only a few miles away, in San Benito, on Thursday. We will start our new job, working 7.5 hours a week each, on November 1st. We'll be working 2 mornings a week and have the rest of the week to ourselves. The weather has been in the high 80s since we got here and 94 today. We heard that storms/tornados went through quite a few states northern states toady. The weather channel was broadcasting from Muskegon, MI shore today. They were expecting high winds and waves. Hope you're all ok!

Our Last Stop

We have had a great time in Grapevine TX. The park is very nice the weather has been perfect, 80s all week, a little cool some mornings/nights but comfortable. We went to Dallas, visited the 6th floor book depository and JFK memorial, very sad but very interesting at the same time. Went to Fort Worth and danced at Billy Bob's, the worlds largest honky tonk, took a line dance class from Wendell Nelson and 2Stepped to a super band (can't remember the name), on a hard wood floor! We went to a FREE bluegrass festival in Farmers Branch TX. The city paid for everything, the park where it was held was beautiful, shuttles from free parking to the venue and top notch bands, Rhonda Vincent, Dan Teminski, JD Crow and many more. If you're ever in Farmers Branch, or close, please stop in and spend some money. That city really knows the meaning of hospitality.

We have to leave tomorrow morning (Sunday 10/17). Our last stop before our destination is San Antonio.

Grapevine, Texas

We left Oklahoma City and arrived in Grapevine, TX yesterday. We are staying in a city park overlooking Grapevine Lake. We went to the Grapevine Opry last night, all Texan entertainers. Jerry's niece, husband and his cousin (Kristen, Tyler and Kellyn) came over for a visit today, Sunday. They live in Dallas and it was so nice to see them. We will be here until next Sunday.

Branson to Oklahoma City

We left Branson yesterday (Tuesday 10/6/10) and are in Oklahoma City visiting some of our friends that we met in Texas last winter. We'll be here for a couple of days.

Branson Belle Showboat

We took a cruise on the Branson Belle Showboat on the Taneycomo Lake. Very entertaining!

Lake Taneycomo

You can see the damn in the background


Coming in to Branson on Hwy 65

Branson, MO

We arrived in Branson, MO last Tuesday. We are staying at an Escapees RV park just outside of downtown. Escapees is an organization that we joined last year. That is where we get our mail. We pay an annual fee, they give us an address and we also have voting rights. Some of the perks are RV parks (we can stay for a nominal fee compared to other parks), a magazine, an annual convention, to mention a few. This park has a fenced in dog park that Sweetie enjoys. She can finally get off the leash! I will post some pictures soon.

Going South!

Highs in the 60s lows in the 40s, time to go south! We are leaving Sunday, going to take our time stopping in Branson and then to the Texas hill country with our final destination in San Benito, TX. for the winter.

We have had a wonderful time visiting with our family and friends in Michigan. Thanks to all of you! We wish we could take you all with us but since we can't, come for a visit. I'll try to post more often so check our blog now and then.


Thought I should post an update since it's been so long. We left our workamper job in OH yesterday and arrived in Breckenridge, MI. We spent the summer at this park three years ago. We're close to Madison (my 10 yr old granddaughter) and not too far from most of our families. We'll be here for a month or maybe a little longer and then we'll go south for the winter.

Local Fresh Fruit and Veggies all Winter!

All the fresh fruit and veggies you want. We could pick the organges and grapefruit off of the trees in our park. You can't beat Texas grapefruit!

Nuevo Progresso Mexico

Well, here are some pictures, it only took me a few months to post them!

Harlingen in the Rio Grande Valley

Harlingen is in the Rio Grande Valley. I took the picture of the truckload of watermelon in the upper right hand corner of the blog in the city of Harlingen the other day. We have had fresh grapefruit, oranges, melons, vegetables (you name it, they grow it here!) all winter. We will miss this when we leave.

Winter Texans

The Winter Texans have arrived. The locals call us the "Winter Texans" and they're happy to have us here.

It's been fun to watch the new arrivals coming in the park each day and interesting to see them park in what seems to be a small space. Out street is full and a few months ago it was almost empty. We are in the pet section and it's not easy remembering all of the dogs names. I try to remember their names because we meet on a daily basis on the pet walk and I always talk to them, more than the owners some times.

There are so many RV parks here. People come from all over to emjoy the warm weather and so many things to do and see. We only have 2 1/2 months left before we head back up north.

I'll try to post some pictures soon.