Triple Digits!!!

Triple Digits is the forcast for the week. It has been so hot that even the dog does not want to go out. Our camper guests tell us that they stop so their pet can go out and they refuse to go out. There is no grass here, no rain in months, no relief in site. It is 99 degrees and it is 8:30 p.m. It will be in the 70s tonight and tomorrow morning. 60+ days left and counting.

Amarillo Record Highs!

The high today was 106, beats the record high of 103 in 1953. We had the day off, after doing some errands this morning, we just hid in the RV. We were so thankful that we didn't have to work today. It has been very hot here ever since we arrived the end of April, many days over 100, higher than normal winds, blowing dust all over, not very pleasant. Extreme fire danger because they have not had rain here since February and it was very little. We checked the normals before we took this job and they looked bearable but this has been miserable. In lieu of the weather we have managed to have some good times too!

We went to see the show "Texas" at the ampitheater in Palo Duro Canyon. The show was spectacular! The entertainers are mostly college students, the costumes were beautiful and we went with some workamper friends and that made it even better. The canyon is very pretty also. We will go back if the weather cools down some.

We also went to the Coors rodeo. $10 gets you in and that included a barbecue, and free Coors beer. The competition was working ranches from the area. We saw the herding event; Four horsemen had to pick out three numbered cattle from the herd, herd them down to the opposite end of the arena, load them in a stock trailer, then load two of the horses, all four horsemen had to get in the pickup and blow the horn. This was a timed event. Some of the other events were bronc riding, cattle roping and the little kids riding the sheepgoats (I think that's the correct name but not sure). Then after the rodeo there was a dance in the parking lot. We had worked that day so we did not feel like dancing. We are not used to working 8 hrs a day!