Ice Storm in Sikeston, MO

The ice storm started on Monday, February 11th with rain and sleet. Schools were let out in the morning because the roads were getting slippery. It rained during the night and then more rain, freezing rain, sleet all day on Tuesday. Our power went out late afternoon and was out for five hours. The temps were in the 20s and in the teens at night. It was so slippery it was hard to walk. There was 3/8 of an inch of ice on the mailbox on Tuesday. These pictures were taken on Tuesday and Wednesday, when a little sun finally came out. Some people still don't have power today. They have opened up warming shelters for those without power.

Workamper-Sikeston, MO

Our second workamper position was in Sikeston, MO. We work five hours a day for two days and have two days off. Betty is in registration/office and Jerry in maintenance.

One of the perks of working in an RV park is meeting so many very interesting people. One couple had just purchased their first motorhome and was driving it back to CO. They were going to soon become fulltime RVers and convert their motorhome to run on vegetable oil.

This area hardly gets snow but we had a couple of inches last week. Schools closed and the snow was all gone the day after it snowed. We've had some bad rain/wind storms this winter. One time the fifth wheel started to rock and roll and we thought we had better leave and go to the building here in the park. Fortunately, we were okay and just a little damage in the park.

There is a restaurant here called Lambert's Cafe, home of the throwed rolls. Lots of food and delicious, big, hot rolls. If you're in the area be sure to visit it, you'll be glad that you did. Be sure to go real hungry because they give you huge portions and keep coming to the table offering you more food like fried okra, fried potatoes, and macaroni and tomatoes. The drinks are served in big mugs.

We found a couple of country dance groups in Cape Girardeau which is 28 miles away. We've gone to some of their dances. They were very nice and taught us some new dances and we taught them a couple. That's the nice thing about country dancers, they always make you feel at home.