Mobile AL

We’re in Mobile, AL. The weather has been perfect, 70s and sunny! We’re staying at Shady Acres Campground, a quiet park. We’ve been spending time with Jerry’s nephew and family. We had Easter dinner with two of his nephews and families. We had an Easter egg hunt, they found all of the 80 plastic eggs. Such fun! The weather is so beautiful here, we think we’ll stay a while longer. We've been looking forward to just relaxing and enjoying life.

We've enjoyed being here in Mobile and the best part has been spending time with Jerry's nephew and family. We visited downtown Mobile, had lunch at the Hurricane Brewery, we stopped in the gift shop in the museum and had an interesting chat with the lady who works there, a true southern lady. She said the human body exhibit (which is on now) is not good, don't waste your time. She did tell us about some interesting things to do and see. If you want to know the truth about an area, always talk to the locals. They truly know what's good and what's not so good and their usually willing to tell you.

Tom Sawyer RV Park - West Memphis, AR

We arrived at Tom Sawyer RV Park in West Memphis, AR on Thursday, March 6th. We almost had to postpone our trip because Jerry got sick during the night on Tuesday, but he felt well enough to make the drive. Our site is right on the mighty Mississippi river. Barges go up and down the river one after the other, and a tug now and then. There’s definitely no traffic noise here other than the sound of a barge or a tug. I got very sick on Thursday night. Jerry took me in to emergency on Friday evening. They gave me a shot and some meds and said I had a virus, not dehydrated yet. A bland diet was in order for the next couple of days. Four days later and I’m starting to feel normal. We had big plans while we were here but it’s almost time to leave and we’ve done nothing. Oh yes, Jerry did the laundry, it’s free in this park! We also enjoyed watching the river traffic. We’ll hope for more fun at the next stop.

On The Road Again

Yes, we’re on the road again, going to the Memphis, TN area for a few days. The home of Graceland and Elvis. I’m sure that’ll bring back some memories of the good ole days! The RV park is on the mighty Mississippi. We hope to get a site on the river, if it’s not over the banks. They say it floods in the Spring, hopefully not while we’re there.

Finished Our Second Workamper Job

We finished our second workamper job in Sikeston, MO the end of February. It was a great experience. We enjoyed the area, and the people we met here. We have two months to relax before our next assignment which is in Petoskey, MI for the summer.