On The Road Again!

Our workamper job will be finished here in Amarillo on Saturday. We are heading to Michigan for a visit starting Sunday. It will be a hot drive, hope the A/C works because we will have triple digits all through OK and maybe farther than that. We're looking forward to relaxing and seeing our family and friends.

Canyon Pictures

Jerry taking pictures, an old windmill and a flood gauge which they didn't use much this year since the area has had 1 1/2 inches since February.

Longhorns at the Canyon

Palo Duron Canyon, TX

Palo Duron Canyon is the 2nd largest to the Grand Canyon. The beauty is beyond words!

110 on the Trail Palo Duro Canyon, Warning Sign

The Warning Sign says "Do Not Run or Jog on Trail over 90 Degrees, it could cause heat stroke". The thermometer reads 110!

Camping area, Palo Duro Canyon, TX

Camping area in Palo Duro Canyon, TX

Big Texan Restaurant

You know they say everything is bigger in Texas! Well we went to the "Big Texan" restaurant for dinner with some of our workamper friends. The restaurant's limo picked us up and brought us back to the campground. This restaurant offers a 72 oz steak, if you can eat it all including the sides, dinner rolls and drinks, it's free! If you can't eat it all, the cost is $75. It's amazing that some people have done it. The night we were there, somebody tried, but couldn't do it.