4 Days Later!

We finally arrived in Harlingen, TX, 4 days, 1600 miles and about 150 gals of fuel later. We had a good, safe trip, one all day rain. The weather got warmer the farther south we went and by the time we arrived, it was over 104. It cooled off the next day and has been in the mid 80s for the most part. We went to work the day after we got here. There are a lot of activities going on in this park all the time. It's a big park with over 600 sites. The "winter Texans" have started arriving, and we are anxious to see it when they all get here.

Leaving Butler, OH

We'll be leaving Butler, OH on Monday, October 12th. We're heading to Harlingen, TX for six months. We'll be working part time office/maintenance and teaching 2-Step, Waltz and partner dances. We are looking forward to teaching dance again. If any of you are in the area, stop in!