Leaving Rio Grande Valley

We're leaving the Valley on Saturday,taking our time getting to MI, plan to be there by June 1st. It will take a couple of days to get out of Texas. Then we're going to take the Natchez Trace which will start in MS and will end in Nashville. It will take 2/3 days on the Trace, should be very scenic, no trucks and top speed is 50 mph. We will be in WV for Jerry's nieces wedding mid May. After that we will be going to IN for a bluegrass festival and then to the Shipshewana IN flea market.


We are still in San Benito, TX. Jerry finished working and this was our last assignment. We decided to retire, at least for now. We will be spending the summer in MI, with our families. We have been traveling and working for five years. It's been fun and very interesting. Betty had arthroscopic surgery on her right knee this winter, was on crutches for five weeks. So she had to retire early. We will leave here the end of the month and slowly make our way to MI. Will post some pictures from the road, next month.


We are finished working/painting the mobile home, as much as we're going to do now anyway. We start workamping November 1st so we have a little time to relax before that. We will start dance classes the first of December. You can check out our dance website if you want at www.bjdance.net

We're looking forward to a great winter season here! The Valley Morning Sun, our local paper, says we should have a warm, dry winter. Warm is good but we still need some rain. Most of TX is still under drought conditions.

Back in Texas!

We are back in San Benito TX, so good to be back, sort of like coming home! We had a good workamping summer at the Amarillo KOA. When we were through there, we went to MI, and enjoyed seeing our families and friends. Thank you all who were able to spend time with us. We know you all have busy lives and since it was an impromptu visit, we sure appreciated seeing you. Sorry to those whom we couldn't make a connection with this time. We look forward to seeing you when we return next summer. Unless you can come visit us this winter where it's warm!

We enjoyed our trip back. We spent some time in Fredericksburg TX (aka the Hill country). We enjoyed the historic downtown area, lots of quaint little shops. We went to Lukenbach TX, had a burger and listened to a jam session. I have some pictures posted on the blog.

It was nice to have a whole month to relax and enjoy. Now we have to get to work painting the mobile home. Luckily it's inside painting! We have two months to get things done and settle in before we start our workamping job here and teaching dance.

Luckenbach TX

Luckenbach,TX "Where Everybody is Somebody"

Route 66 Rest Stop

AQHA and Museum in Amarillo TX

Bronze Sculptures at the AQHA and Museum in Amarillo TX