Petoskey - Update

It's been very cool in Petoskey this May. We've had some early morning freezing temps, growers are worried about their fruit trees. Some lost asparagus plants to the frost. We've had a couple of days of rain but the sun is suppose to shine tomorrow and it might get up to 70 degrees.

Petoskey, MI

These photos were taken on Tuesday May 13th, 74 degrees from Sunset park in Petoskey.

Petoskey MI KOA

We met our co-workers yesterday in an orientation meeting. They've come from many different states. There will be 30 workampers here in season. We are going to start work today, we'll be in reservation/store. The park is very pretty and sounds like it's going to be very busy in the summer months. This area is one of the prettiest in MI. We're only 30 miles from Mackinaw City and the Mackinaw Bridge, ferry to Mackinaw Island. Hope to see some of our family and friends up here this summer. If you want to stay at the park, please let us know early, it fills up fast, especially in the summer months.


We are happy to be back in Michigan. We spent some time with our families while in Saginaw and Midland. It was great fun to spend time with Betty's granddaughters. They grow up so quickly. Rachel will graduate from high school this year and she'll be going off to college in August. It was sure fun to watch her at her tennis games. She and her partner won all three games! Madison is 8 years old, and a soccer player, she too won the soccer game that we saw. She plays defense but made a goal, the coach was not happy about that and said she was a ball hog, she should pass the ball. But grandma was real excited that she made a goal! We arrived in Petoskey this afternoon.