Interesting Travel Day!

We left Abilene this morning and had a very interesting trip, arriving in Amarillo, TX our destination. When we keft this morning we bucked 30 MPH winds, on the 6:00 p.m. news they said the winds here were 47 mph, and I do believe them! We drove through Sweetwater, TX and saw many wind farms, and agriculture. Cattle and horse ranches all along the way. Most of the fields have not been planted yet so there was a lot of red dirt blowing every which way. Farther down highway 84, we thought we smelled smoke, soon we saw a sign that said "Incident". We soon found out what that meant. There had been fires, some were out but we could see smoke in places, and some of the fires were still going. The evening news said highway 84 was now open but had been closed due to fires. Lucky for us, we were not held up and arrived at our destination safe and sound!!!


We left San Benito this morning. We are staying at the Abilene, TX KOA for the night. Good trip today!


We arrived safe and sound in San Benito Sunday evening. Managed to miss the storms that were going across the U.S. We will be leaving here on Thursday morning, going to workamp at the Amarillo KOA. This will only be a two day trip, hooray!


Arrived in Midland on Sunday, 83 and sunny. By Tuesday it started to turn cold and windy, with clouds and rain in the forecast for the next 4/5 days, no sun! I froze while we were there. It was so nice to spend time with Madison and our families. We were planning to leave early Monday but after the 6:00 PM news with possible 2" of snow predicted, we decided to leave Sunday night. Drove for 3 hours to Auburn, IN. Left there on Monday a.m., 2 hrs of rain but warm 72. We stayed in Salem, IL for the night but we're still here on Tuesday afternoon. We discovered a leak in the fuel tank. Luckily there is a Dodge dealer here, they had to order a fuel tank, should be here tomorrow. We hope to leave here tomorrow (Wednesday). This is a small town and not much to see or do. Good we are not on a tight schedule, have about a week to spare before we leave San Benito for the Amarillo KOA for the summer.

Day 2!

We have just finished our 2nd day of the trip to Michigan, with over 1100 miles done. We'll arrive at Madison's (Betty's granddaughter) tomorrow, after 8 more hours of driving. So excited!

Leaving for Michigan!

We are leaving for Michigan on Friday. If all goes well, we should be there on Sunday. We're looking forward to visiting with family and friends.